We help to build, grow and manage Communities

Community relationship management
You need to bring the start-up mindset and digital transformation to your corporation? We help you to digitize while putting your people and business goals at heart.

We are an independent digital agency from Switzerland.

In today's time of constant change in all economies we understood that the only way for our business to survive long term is to digitize the way we provide our services with new digital tools and innovative approaches.

In 2017 we established our Agency to share our experience of assessing business models, building digital tools and transforming company processes with our customers.

All Industries are taken over by innovative, fast and disruptive startups. Digital is no longer the new kid on the block but is integrated into every aspect of today’s companies.

Leaders are struggling to adjust their strategies, shift organizational structures, and remove internal barriers to leverage digital technologies. Automating your business through digital tools will enable you to stay relevant with Millenials and ensure that you can focus on where you bring added value to your users.

Use our services and mobile app technology (CoRMapp) to grow communities of customers, employees and partners for B2B or B2C.

Our Approach

Digital services from independent digital natives

We do a few things but we do them exceptional.

Together with you we think, plan, develop, test and learn how to digitize and reinvent your business models. All in a secure and cost effective environment.

Do you have to challenge the status-quo in your corporation? Then We are your entrepreneurial outpost!

We run Customer Decision Journey Workshops

The customer journey is not a funnel, companies have to constantly engage in a two-way communication in all important moments of decision making. We help you to find where and how to use digital to make an impact. This by designing the best possible journey for your communities.

We run design Sprints

Have you ever dreamed to test a hypothesis in one week with real customers to evaluate disruptive ideas? We can help you to with growth hacking and identify what your customers really want, fast!

Getting it done with scrum

Want to show progress every few weeks to your CEO? By using the agile scrum framework to manage crossfunctional teams we deliver tangible results every two to four weeks.

We build Mobile Apps

Mobile first, based on our CoRMapp framework our app development experts deliver everything you need to digitize your business, engage your communities, automate and discover new business models.

We build and operate eCommerce webshops

Want to explore the Brand.com direct to consumer online sales opportunities but face conceptual and operational barriers? We can build, run and operate online sales operations fast and cost effective.

We create Dashboards

Are you generating big data but not generating any learnings and actions from your analytics? We help you to start with the most important KPIs, continuously measure and learn and take the appropriate actions for your users and your business.

Digitize the Martial Arts world

This is how the CoRMapp Journey started! For our own chain of Kickboxing gyms in Lucerne we built a digital community relationship management solution. A fully integrated mobile software solution to manage Customers, Memberships, Schedules, Website, Webshop, Point-of-Sales and all communication between our members and our martial arts schools.